Automate routine work

Videos / Tutorials

Attaching the tube set

Shows the individual steps for correctly inserting the tube set in preparation for the measurements.

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Replacing the dialysis membrane

Shows the insertion of a new membrane into the sampling probe.

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Tutorial 1 Installation

Learn how to connect the TRACE device with your PC or network and how to download and install the trace-mon software.

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Tutorial 2 Changing the start settings

Simplify trace-mon software access to your device or enable multiple devices to be used simultaneously.

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Tutorial 3 Set operating parameters

You will get a first overview of the functions of the trace-mon user interface and define the most important operating parameters.

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Tutorial 4 Start the measurements

Learn how to prepare for measurements by filling the tubing set, calibrating the sensors, and referencing the probe.

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Tutorial 5 Where are the data?

Learn how to retrieve the measurement results and transfer to excel format.

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Tutorial 6 Transfering the data to your bioreactor control system

Learn how to set up automatic data transfer via analog, serial or OPC-UA interfaces.

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Tutorial 7 Main menu overview

You will get a short overview of all functions of the main menu.

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