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Single-use dialysis sampling

Single-use dialysis sampling module

The single-use dialysis module is a cost-effective alternative to the dialysis probe as well as to the PEEK bypass module. The SU-sampling module is installed as a part of the perfusion tubing manifold outside the bioreactor. It enables continuous monitoring and control of glucose and lactate even in processes that previously required manual sampling and offline analysis.

It is particularly suitable for single-use bioreactors in perfusion mode and is supplied as a ready-to-use unit. For connection to the media line, the widely used LUER connection is available as standard. Other connectors are available on request.

The single-use dialysis sampling module consists of 2 blocks. The front part is forming the donor-channel, which connects the flowing stream of reactor medium with the dialysis membrane. The rear part serves as the acceptor-channel and fixes the dialysis membrane with the front part.

The dialysis membrane creates a sterile barrier between the two channels and permits diffusion of the analyte into the acceptor stream of the online analyser
(e.g. TRACE C2 Control).


    • No volume consumed for sampling
    • Alternative to the dialysis probe
    • Online sampling in connection with an external pump for perfusion cultures
    • Robust dialysis membrane
    • Independent of the fermenter size
    • Gamma sterilizable


    • Ready to use single-use device
    • Sampling system for the online analyzer
    • TRACE C2 Control, BioPAT® Trace and TRACE C2 MultiTRACE
    • Sterile online dialysis sampling
    • Installed outside the bioreactor

    User manual

    Single-use dialysis probe for sterile online sampling

    For single-use bioreactors TRACE offers its patented single-use dialsyis probe design for a variety of single-use reactor systems and geometries. These can be combined with the online analysers TRACE C2 Control, TRACE M4 or MultiTRACE.

    The single-use dialysis probes can be mounted into the reactor bag using existing sampling ports. When mounted the manual sampling port is still accessible through a needlefree sampling valve and an additional inlet and outlet for the dialysis sampling is provided. 

    The probe is gamma irradiatable and can be mounted at the manufacturer site. Alternatively it is shipped as sterile device, which can be mounted at customer site under the clean bench.


    • No volume consumed for sampling
    • Especially suited for small bioreactors with volumes between 0.05 and 50 liters
    • No sample preparation required
    • Samples are representative
    • Option for manual (cell-containing) sampling is maintained


    • Robust membrane material
    • Easy to handle
    • Gamma and EO sterilizable
    • Suitable for cell cultures and microbial cultivations
    • Low biofilm affinity
    • Sterile dialysis cut off 14 kDa

    Technical data

    • Sterile
    • Materials: PU, PES (medical grade)
    • Needle-free sampling valve with cap
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