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ProcessMonitor - online monitoring in industrial bioprocesses

ProcessMonitor provides the solution for a reliable biopharmaceutical production process. Taking advantage of the ProcessMonitor combines measurement precision, robustness and reliability in order to ensure production effectiveness and product quality


  • Online measurements of glucose, methanol, ethanol or lactate with the industrial proven filtration probe in biotechnological production or pilot plants
  • Reliable, pressurized liquid delivery system with a maximum of measurement frequency, correctness and precision
  • User-friendly software with multiple alarm system and touch-screen control
  • Can be used in cGMP and FDA regulated processes
  • Robust stainless steel cabinet with automated thermostat control
  • Increase in operational reliability
  • Complete quality monitoring and documentation

Technical data

  • Combined flow analysis system based on flow injection / flow diffusion analysis
  • Enzymatic amperometric measuring principle
  • Wide measuring range adjustable to process requirements from 10 mg/L - 20 g/L
  • Up to 30 results per hour
  • Deviation < 2%
  • Drift < 10% / 12 hour
  • Status messages with alarm release for carrier level, calibrations, sensor quality, leakages, pressure, runtime, minimal value, temperature
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