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MultiTRACE - 4-Channel Online Monitoring

MultiTRACE is a flexible alternative to the TRACE C2 Control for parallel monitoring of up to 4 bioreactors.

MultiTRACE is therefore mainly used in cell cultivation and parallel experiments for media optimization. The timing and number of assays per reactor and its sequence can be easily scheduled by an integrated calendar function.

MultiTRACE provides continuous analysis independent of the type of cultivation (batch, fed-batch, continual cultivation). Due to its structured design and simple operating concept, routine analysis functions can be performed with only a brief introduction.
The device is connected to the bioreactor using preconfigured single use tubing sets including pumps and valves for precise control of all procedures rendering safe operation possible over long time periods. Its special design enables safe and economic continuous and long-term operations with almost no amount of maintenance and low installation size. For connection to the bioreactors TRACE Analytics GmbH offers its well-proven (single-use) dialysis sampling probes, bypass modules and filtration probes.

MultiTRACE is a compact and cost-efficient device mainly for applications in cell cultivations. It is controlled through a PC-software included in the package. With its interfaces the device can be easily connected to peripheral instruments and integrated in SCADA systems.


As an alternative to the MultiTRACE, a combination of TRACE C2 Control and the additional device TRACE M4 can be selected if a faster measuring frequency (for example, for controlling microbial processes) is required.


  • Automated Monitoring of up to 4 bioreactors
  • Timely and safe results without manual intervention
  • Improves process understanding through online analysis
  • Reduces process development time
  • Eliminates weekend and overnight manual sampling and offline analysis


  • 4-Channel operation
  • Optimal monitoring and control of bioprocesses through online measurement
  • Glucose and Lactate
  • Methanol or Ethanol
  • Single-use sensors and tubing manifolds
  • Compact design with full system integration
  • Stable biosensors
  • Cell-free sampling (dialysis or filtration)
  • Connection to different fermenter and single-use reactors

Technical data

  • Control by PC software supplied
  • PC for control: Operating system Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2012 R2
  • External power supply: 100..120 / 220..240 V~; 50/60 Hz
  • Interfaces: RS 232, Ethernet, OPC UA, Modbus TCP
  • Analog output 0..10 V, 0..20 mA; 4..20 mA
  • Dimensions (in mm): 120 x 170 x 200 (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Ambient conditions:
    • Temperature (15 - 35°C)
    • Humidity (10 - 90%)
  • Measuring principle enzymatic-amperometric
  • Measuring range:
    • Glucose (0.1 to 40 g/L)
    • Lactate (0.05 to 5 g/L)
    • Methanol (0.5 to 20 g/L)
    • Ethanol (1 to 40 g/L)
  • Measurement frequency (per reactor):
    • 1-channel mode
      • Dialysis (up to 30 measurements per hour = every 2 minutes)
      • Filtration (up to 60 measurements per hour = every minute)
    • 4-channel mode
      • Dialysis (up to every 28 minutes)
      • Filtration (up to every 24 minutes)
  • Measurement deviation:
    • Glucose (<1.5% at 2 g/L)
    • Lactate (<1.5% at 1 g/L)
    • Methanol (<5% at 1 g/L)
    • Ethanol (<5% at 2 g/L)
  • Service life of the sensors 5000 measurements or 30 days
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