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When analyzing substrates in cultivation media, it is necessary for a sample to be removed from the bioreactor (fermenter) under sterile conditions. The reproducibility and relevance of the sample taken must remain intact during this step.

The TRACE C2 Control  and MultiTRACE currently feature the following sampling options:
- Filtration with filtration probe,
- Dialysis  with  dialysis probe.

Both procedures enable safe and sterile removal from the bioreactor.

The simplest method is to directly measure a filtered sample of medium. However, because reactor medium is used, the range of applications is limited to processes for which there's a sufficient reactor volume or which allow continuous-feed.

Dialysis sampling is an option when processes are involved for which reactor volume does not allow enough sample material. This method only removes low molecular substances from the reactor medium, without reducing the volume of fluid.


Glucose/Lactate Biosensors

TRACE is using a combination of immobilized enzymes and electrochemical transducers for the production of  biosensors. This combination is extremely robust and versatile. The biosensor  is mounted in a flow-through cell, see figure. This results in a compact measurement cell which can be preconfigured in tubesets for specific applications.

Analysis in the TRACE C2 Control  and MultiTRACE is a combination of enzymatic conversion and electrochemical detection.







The enzymatic determination of glucose is performed according to the following reaction:


Similarly, the determination of lactate:


Depending on the application, the service life of the sensor system ensures 30 days or 5,000 measurements. The deviation from the average measurement is less than 1.5% for a measurement of 2 g/L glucose and 1 g/L lactate.


Application specific tubing sets

With the aid of pre-assembled tubing sets and associated transport and calibration solutions fully automatic sampling and measurement can be performed using TRACE C2 Control or MultiTRACE.

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